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Xiao Hoodie

Xiao Hoodie

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Tochimart's viral Xiao sweatshirt is now back as a hoodie! It features an unique over-the-seams arm design that has been carefully painted on by hand. The hoodie is hand-dyed to a perfect off-white colour and will match effortlessly with all your outfits. It is 50% cotton, 50% polyester, and fits true to size. We recommend sizing up if you prefer an oversized fit! If you want to subtly rep Xiao or show off an unique, eye-catching design, then this hoodie was made for you!


Our Xiao hoodies individually handmade and are prone to having flaws. These  imperfections may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Mild paint stroke textures
  • Lightly smudged paint lines
  • Minimal paint marks outside the main design

These imperfections are a part of the product as they are a natural result of the painting process. We perform quality checks to ensure that they are minimally invasive to the final design. By purchasing, you understand that you are buying a product that may come with these visible paint imperfections.


50% Cotton/50% Polyester

Care Instructions

Please treat the Xiao hoodie delicately!

For maximum longevity, hand-wash the sweater inside-out. If you must use the machine, place the sweater inside-out in a laundry bag, and set to cold water on a gentle cycle.

Hang-to-dry only. Do not put the sweater in a dryer as it may damage the fabric paint. Natural wear and tear may alter the design over time.

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