About Us

TochiMart is a shop with a vision to sell wearable and subtle Genshin Impact-themed merchandise. It was founded by two Xiao fans, To and Chi, who wanted to bring a blend of low-key, everyday-wear designs, and streetwear fashion to the people who love Genshin Impact.

When To's reddit post went viral in August 2021, many players realized that they want a Xiao Sweater too. To & Chi got right to work in order to make this a reality. After months of prototyping and painting the sweaters by hand, the Xiao Sweater was released in October 2021 on Etsy. The launch was a great success--the sweaters sold out within 40 minutes, and positive views poured in over the next few weeks.

Excited by the overwhelmingly positive reviews and restock inquiries, TochiMart immediately set out to restock the Xiao Sweater. Unfortunately, due to a number of events outside our control, including changes to operations due to omicron-variant cases, and the departure of To from the team due to conflicting work priorities, TochiMart was unable to resume its business operations, until now.

With the help of a new recruit "KT" (a certified C6 Yae Miko simp), TochiMart is back, and with greater ambition than ever. Follow us on Instagram to support our journey!