Xiao Hoodie (Off-White)

Featuring the iconic over-the-seams arm tattoo in olive-green. Similar to the Xiao sweatshirt, the hoodie is hand-dyed and hand-painted for a down-to-earth, eye-catching look.

$59.99 USD

Xiao Hoodie (Off-White) - Premium Edition

Featuring a sharper, crisper design for a bolder streetstyle look. It features the classic over-the-seams Xiao arm tattoo on a premium, heavyweight fabric. Perfect for cold winters.

$79.99 USD


Xiao Sweater (Off-White)

The original viral Xiao sweater. It features Xiao's iconic tattoo in an over-the-seams arm design. Hand-dyed and hand-painted for a down-to-earth, eye-catching look. Limited quantities available.

$59.99 USD
  • Made-to-Last

    Xiao sweaters are delicate, but they're made to last. The fabric, dye, and paint materials used were carefully selected after months of research and wash/wear testing.

  • Handmade

    Every handmade Xiao product undergoes a 2.5+ hour handmade production process. The sweaters are individually dyed and handpainted, resulting in a unique, one-of-a-kind finish.

  • Locally Sourced

    All materials used by Tochimart, from paint to packaging are sourced from Canadian businesses and distributors.